Angela is a certified Health and Life Coach and one of the few certified Mother-Daughter Coaches in the world,  an Organic Chef and a Podcast host who lives in Pensacola, Florida with her husband and two boys. She is passionate about helping women to heal, own themselves and create the lives that  aligns with their souls.  She guides women in deconstructing their family dynamic and challenging relationships with loved ones without the damage and teaches them how to  find themselves so that they can break away from old patterns of thinking, shame, guilt, fear, codependency, disempowering beliefs, negative self talk, using alcohol to cope with stress, old reactionary communication, people pleasing, and the need to control.  She is also passionate about eating whole organic foods as often as you can in a simple accessible way and teaches women how to nourish and heal their bodies and use food as fuel and no longer as a way to escape from life. She has her own struggles with chronic illness anxiety and depression and has just recently healed lumps in both breasts through nutrition and by quitting her daily beer drinking habit. She knows the power of food and she wants you to be in the know too so that you can decide what feels right for you and your body so that it can heal and so that you can enjoy the healing process and not see it as work that you must do but rather enjoy the journey that takes you to places of wholeness and optimal health.


Angela is passionate about getting her message out to as many women as possible and hosts workshops and speaking events in Pensacola.  She also addresses her mission to help women heal on her Podcast by using real life experiences and stories and interviews guests who have been an integral part of her life and the development of the Move Forth message.


When Angela is not coaching and guiding women, creating simple healthy organic meals, or podcasting, she enjoys doing yoga, being outside with her boys, family vacations, reading all things health and well being, listening to podcasts, dreaming about healthy restaurants, meditating, attending spiritual growth retreats, geeking out on the enneagram, doing angel card readings, and living a simple life while connecting with friends and family through conversation, laughter and tears.


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